About Van Doren

“Life is about a diversity of talents, no matter where you are in your world today. You are just one of a kind.”

Sometimes we never know what is in the plan……..

My name is Van Doren Figueredo and this is my own personal journey in which I’ve found that “intuition” plays an important role in our daily lives. It’s been now nearly 16 years as an Artistic Psychic Medium. I’ve had the opportunity to be of service to many around the world providing readings as an Intuitive Consultant.

As I recall, during my grade school years of 3rd and 4th I was considered a “gifted” child and was placed in special classes: “The Gifted Program”. I remember vividly the trailers that had large monitors with the yellow /orange font and floppy disks were as big as album covers. These computers were still not even available in our homes. ‘ATARI’ was one of the best home games that kept you up all night long playing PING PONG and it was so popular. This tells you a lot about our technology today. During the early 70’s in the 4th grade I was learning to type and computers just seemed so easy and familiar to use. As a child I felt more advanced than most school aged kids and I absorbed so much information with a photographic memory. I felt trapped in my own subconscious mind within the gifted program offered in elementary school. I felt fear that I was different than most. Why? Because of being ahead of my own time. Some refer to it as an “old soul”.

Growing up in a Latino family as a native Californian these gifts which I carry today were not nurtured and were shut off. Nonetheless, I didn’t know the difference, but during a turning point of my life it all resurfaced without any explanation and I encountered a spiritual awakening in 1997 during my sleep. I awoke to what is called today “automatic writing”.

I’ve always have been fascinated by Psychology. I volunteered as a Hospice advocate in Las Vegas, Nevada and educated myself in Human Services at a University in San Diego. My growth as an Intuitive Consultant has led into many open doors in my Career. With my property management and business administration skills in Orange County, my own gifted artistic abilities became extremely useful in cleaning up Homeowner Associations. My colleagues gave me the title of “The Ghetto Specialist”. I was given the most challenging communities with a diversity of people that needed guidance. The best part was that I got to see the transformation take place, having the cultural unity as it came together. It kept me grounded and able to fit into society.

I’ve always looked at life as learning to live outside the box and being able to encounter life experiences by having an open mind and paying it forward through all walks of life with no judgment.

ARTISTIC IN2ITION came through a dream, a reality and a connection. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps you are reading this because you were guided here, intrigued or will return at a later date. Maybe you can relate to this story and bring your own story out to share with the rest of us. My personal motto is: “Facts Tell but Stories Sell”.

I would like thank all those individuals, including family and friends, that have been my reflection and have been very supportive through this journey and who have been able to offer their “gifted talents” in a very artistic way. You are the reason why we become creators and can voice an artistic talent.

“Imagine” – John Lennon

Bright Blessings,
Van Doren Figueredo